Applications of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) in Business

There is huge demand in businesses for the integration ability of communications solution. The combination of communications solution and web/software applications (aslo named as Computer Telephony Integration) substantially increases the productivity of a company. Following is a list of common areas in various businesses across the world which can get benefit from Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). 

1. Management / Planing
2. Communication
3. Information Technology
4. Advertisement
5. Promotions
6. Human Resource / Staff
7. Sales / Services
8. Customer Relation
9. Accounts
10. Supply Chain / Logistics

1. Management / Planning

Businesses need CTI for various coordination activities in management and planning departments. For example, multi-national organizations and other big companies have different geographical locations of their departments and they require voice and video conferencing for communication. Some of scenarios where CTI is needed for management and planning are given below: 

  • Communication Security
  • Voice and Video Conferences
  • Emergency Conferences
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Follow Me

2. Communication

Without CTI, services such as Fax, Voice, SMS and Video calling would not exist. MNCs (Multi-national Companies) and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) require connectivity between multiple offices and sites. These communication services provides the backbone for communication and coordination between these offices. Some of the examples how businesses use these communication services are given below:

  • Unified Communication (Email, FAX, Voice and SMS)
  • Secure & encrypted communication
  • Inter-connectivity between Multiple Offices / Sites
  • Complete PBX solution
  • SIP / PSTN termination with LCR and accounting
  • Communication logs, history and recordings

3. Information Technology

Different CRMs and websites allow integration with CTI for customer retention. CRM integration plays an important role for customer retention and customer satisfaction.

  • Website integration
    • Online voice chat
    • Click to Call
    • Fax on demand
  • APIs to allow other application / software to communicate
  • CRM integration

4. Advertisement

Advertising and marketing businesses require CTI for different types of broadcasting campaigns to reach the target audience. These broadcasting techniques include:

  • Voice broadcasting
  • Fax broadcasting
  • Email broadcasting
  • SMS broadcasting

5. Promotions

CTI has applications in the promotions of online registration, polls, surveys, and quizzes. More scenarios are such as:

  • Registration
  • Quiz
  • Discount Coupons

6. Human Resource / Staff

Human resource departments can also benefit from CTI in scenarios such as:

  • Emergency alert
  • Announcements
  • Distance learning

7. Sales / Services

Application of CTI in sales and services departments of any organization immensely increases the sales and revenue. Better utilization of telecommunication software also improves customer satisfaction and customer retention. Call centers and IVRs are major examples of application areas in sales and services.

  • Call Center
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
  • IVR
    • Purchase guide, Product information
    • Stock / Rate query
    • Order Placement
    • Delivery information
    • Accounts information

8. Customer Relation

CTI quickly improves relationship with customers. There are many scenarios where an organization can connect with their customers. Some of them are given below:

  • Survey
  • Announcements
  • Support center
  • Order by phone
  • Order tracking by phone
  • Contact gathering
  • CRM Integration

9. Accounts

Accounts related information can be provided through SMS or playing IVR on a phone call. Most banks are already providing their customers such services. Some other senarios related to loan payment system include:

  • Payment Reminders
  • Payment confirmation

10. Supply Chain / Logistics

Supply chain managment systems also have applications of CTI in activities related to notifications of items arrival or price list updates.

  • Notifications
    • Items arrivals
    • Price list updates
  • Targeted Announcements
  • Vehicle tracking

These are just few examples that how businesses can utilize Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for their benefit. But its application is not limited to these areas. Application of CTI in businesses is increasing day-by-day and many organizations are using it to maximize their revenue and lead generation.