Open Source Voip Applications in Telecom Industry

In this blog post, we'll talk about various open source software that has leading role in emergence of Information and communication technologies (ICTs). Following is list of top rated, mature and reliable open source telecom applications that revolutionized the communication concepts. This list is categorized in different domains each containing the list of software in that domain.

IP Telephony applications

  • FreeSWITCH

    A Cross-platform, Scalable, Stable Multi-Protocol Soft Switch ,The project inspired from renown Open Source asterisk PBX system but very well designed and has a bright future
  • Asterisk

    A software-based, Open Source Converged PBX system that has revolutionized the traditional PBX industry
  • Kamailio

    SIP proxy server, call router, and user agent registration server used in Voice over Internet Protocol and instant messaging applications.
  • OpenSIPS

    SIP proxy server, call router, registration server and redirect server suitable for internet telephony service providers to offer SIP based telephony services to their customers.
  • Sipexes

    SipX ECS (Enterprise Communications Server) is SIP based voice over IP telephony server, an ideal enterprise grade, SIP based communications system (IP PBX)
  • Gnugk

    H.323 gatekeeper based on the OpenH323 stack. A gatekeeper provides address translation, admissions control, call routing, authorization and accounting services
  • OpenSBC

    Session Border Controller and B2BUA featuring Registrations, B2BUA, NAT traversal and ENUM

Asterisk & Freeswitch GUI interfaces

  • BlueBox

    Latest monitoring and management tool, full-featured PBX GUI of freeswitch
  • FreePBX

    A full-featured PBX GUI supporting both asterisk and freeswitch
  • Elastix

    An open source Unified Communications Server software that brings together IP PBX, email, IM, faxing and collaboration functionality
  • TrixBox

    Web based asterisk PBX managment software utilizing best open source tools built over asterisk
  • PBXinaflash

    PBXinaflash is a web based asterisk PBX managment software built over asterisk like Elastix and Trixbox
  • Druid

    Druid is unified communications platform for enterprises. It allows companies to deploy high end IP communications services using off the shelf hardware and IP phones.
  • Vicidial

    Vicidial ( Astguiclient ) is a professional web based inbound / outbound call center solution built over asterisk

Communications Frameworks


  • Plivo is freeswitch based communication framework which provides web developers with basic building blocks to create voice based applications in the form of RESTXML and RESTAPI (REST-based APIs) also Plivo is compatible and works with Java, .NET, node.js, Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby programming languages.

Communication Libraries


    Pjsip is sip based open source high performance communication library with multimedia capabilities written in C language for building embedded/non-embedded VoIP applications.

Broadcasting Platform

  • ICTDialer

    ICTDialler is next generation powerful auto dialler software that support sms messaging, fax broadcasting , voice broadcasting . It is bundled with IVR builder to create custom IVR with ease through web based drag and drop IVR Designer's tools .

Billing Systems

  • A2billing

    A2Billing combined with Asterisk is a physical Telecom Platform and Soft-Switch providing a wide range of telecoms services using both traditional telephone technology or VoIP. It contains a real time billing engine

    A calling card voip solution built over asterisk and freeswitch
  • Freeside

    Freeside is the premier open-source billing, CRM, trouble ticketing and provisioning automation software for wired and wireless ISPs, VoIP, hosting, service and content providers and other online businesses.
  • CDRTool

    a rating and mediation engine for Call Detail Records generated by opensips and others

    An email to fax gateway, supports G.711 faxing , PSTN faxing and T.38 origination and termination .ICTFAX is complete faxing solution
  • CitrusDB

    A Multi-user Billing solution for internet service, subscriptions, consulting, and telecommunications , It Provides CRM, Ticketing, Invoicing, and Credit Card Batches

Voip softphones / Clients

  • Twinkle

    Twinkle is sip based softphone and support both voice over IP and and instant messaging communications , It is sip standard compliant with advance features including secure voice communications using ZRTP / SRTP.
  • QuteCom

    QuteCom is cross platform open source softphone supporting Voice, Video and IM with advance features also support SRTP, QuteCom is developed using Python , C and C++ .
  • SFLphone

    SFLphone is SIP and IAX based standards-compliant enterprise softphone, for desktop and embedded systems. It support Multi line and TLS / SRTP encryption

Mobile Clients

SIP Protocol Stacks and Libraries

  • eXosip

    eXosip is a library that hides the complexity of using the SIP protocol for mutlimedia session establishement. This protocol is mainly to be used by VoIP telephony applications
  • Juphoon SIP Stack

    Rich software SDK support SIP, SDP, XML, RTP/RTCP, HTTP, STUN, ABNF etc. Support Windows, Linux, ThreadX, Vxworks etc. libdissipate SIP stack
  • Libre

    Portable SIP Stack under BSD license with IPv4/v6 support (SIP,SDP,RTP/RTCP,STUN,TURN,ICE,DNS)
  • MjSip

    MjSip is a complete java-based implementation of a SIP stack. It provides in the same time the API and implementation bound together into the MjSip packages.

    A series of SIP applications, tools and libraries in JAVA.

    PJSIP is an Open Source Embedded SIP protocol stack written in C. The development of PJSIP is mainly focused on having small footprint, modular, and very portable SIP stack for embedded development purpose (although it's perfectly good for Win32/Linux/MacOS as well).
  • Twisted

    Python protocol stacks and applications includes SIP support.
  • SIP SIMPLE client SDK

    High level middleware on top of SIP, RTP, MSRP and XCAP protocols
  • ivrworx

    high level Lua interface to SIP/RTSP/MRCP, for testing distributed VoIP scenarios (windows, Vista+ clients).